Saturday, March 9, 2019

Ooh-La-La-Lah "Fancy"

The journey into crafting presents such a diverse, interesting, time consuming, educational world! 

I use time consuming loosely, but if you have plenty of time, want to and aren’t afraid to learn and fail, get educated from around the globe, meet tons of amazingly talented and gifted people then crafting has it all! 
It’s the one stop shop, with one of a kind of everything including people. 🙂 
 Today’s project is my boyfriends anniversary card.. 
There’s nothing super special about this, nothing too fancy except the fact its a fancy edged card base from Monica’s collection 
Her collection of fancy edged cards are truly beautiful. 

I chose a gold pearl card stock, for the base. 
I used a “Cricut Access – Love” cutout for the front, using a brocade flocked card stock.
 I lined the inside of the card with black and added a neutral colored sentiment layer as well. 
I actually used a stamp on that sentiment layer “first time for that! ”
 I really like how nicely the stamp stamped! 
I’m so new to this stuff that even stamping has me perplexed on how involved, intricate and just how much is out there to learn, but also buy to have even the simple basics.. OMG!!
 Crafting is mind boggling! 
I added embellishments to inside and outside the card and made an envelope with a scalloped design to fit the card, using patterned paper with a tiny heart cutout, that I added a black lining to as well. 
I was happy with the end result, and he loved it! 
I’m still learning to make these designs “look like my own,” so I can then move onto figuring out how to create my own things etc… 
Once I feel a lot more comfortable doing this stuff, 
I’ll start trying to educate myself more and more on everything else to begin to try and create things from scratch! If nothing it should be a lot of fun along the way…. 

  • 1 x Gold(Pearl) 12 x 12 Card Stock – American Crafts
  • 1 x Black 12 x 12 Card Stock – American Crafts
  • 1 x Neutral ( Tan or Cream) 8 x 11.5 Card Stock – Neenah
  • 1 x Black 12 x 12 Flocked Brocade Card Stock – The Paper Studio
  • Fancy Edge Card – Monica’s Creative Room
  • Inspired By Life (Rubber) Stamp – Stampabilities
  • Black Pigment Ink Pad – Versafine
  • “With Love” (Silicone) Stamp – Stampabilities
  • Stamp Block – Stampabilities
  • Red Rhinestone Embellishments
  • Foam Squares – Scrapbook Adhesives
  • Scotch Tacky Glue
  • Double Sided Tape – Sticky Thumb
Using the flocked Brocade Cardstock was a nightmare lol, it collects more dust than a cobweb..
I should have inlaid the card better as i ran out of room and my writing got smaller and smaller, so it looked stupid...

You can find most of the supplies I used for this card at Joann’s, Michael’s, Hobby Lobby or Amazon. Thanks for reading and Happy Crafting! 🙂

Tuesday, March 5, 2019


Technically when you make cards from the heart to a loved one, they are Cardiology without any blood!
 In particular this gate card I made for my wonderful boyfriend, as a token of gratitude after he purchased me the Cricut Brightpad. Thanks again Gary ❤ 

 This Gate card I made using the base from the free cards DL section by Monica
She has so many beautiful choices for you to Download that you can also alter and embellish. 
The gate card also has an easel stand to hold it on also from Monicas Creative Room.

 I chose to also line my card with heart paper and insert another liner with my sentiment on it. 
 The envelope I made by using the measurements of the cards and creating them in Cricut. 
I’m Having such a journey and am learning new things everyday, especially from my mistakes.
 Trust me….. 
I have a card I recently made, that I completely glued wrong, so it opens upside down and I’m trying to figure out a fix for that, but I learned, really quickly lol....
 to triple check before that glue hits the paper..
 🙂 Happy Crafting 🙂 

  • Monica’s Creative room Gate Card – SVG CUT FILE
  • 1 12 x 12 Black 80lb Cardstock, Card & Easel
  • 1 12 x 12 White 80lb Cardstock, Card Sentiment Insert
  • 1 12 x 12 patterned paper, Card inside liner
  • Red Heart Button, Front Heart Embellishment
  • Velcro Dots, To Close and Open Gate Car
  • Hot Glue, For Heart Button
  • Scotch Tacky Glue, For Liner and Insert
So the only "real" problem I had with this card
 was that I didn't use cardstock that was heavy enough for the easel part.
I think I used 65gm and the easel would bend from the weight of the card..

Saturday, March 2, 2019

Reverse Canvas (w) HTV -I'm Not Scared Anymore!

So I finally decided to venture into trying HTV and I absolutely LOVE, LOVE, LOVE IT!!!!!
 I’ve made 2 signs – you can see the Laundry one below. 
The coffee sign is more to my liking than the laundry one. 

  How I did It:
For both of the signs I used 11 x 14 Canvas’s, cutting off the canvas with a rotary knife and I then ironed it flat and added the HTV of the Coffee SVG I had cut on my Cricut Maker.

 I painted the frames before attaching the HTV to the canvas, I was actually lazy and never removed the staples, but they were in so flatly they were not an issue at all and were covered over by the canvas once I had hot glued it… 
 The coffee sign I painted with distressed antiquing medium in Nutmeg (by Folk Art), 
The Laundry sign frame is chalk paint in Sage (also by Folk Art).
 I then rubbed the frames with a dry cloth, to look somewhat used. 
 Once the frames were dry I reattached the canvas. 
I used hot glue to adhere the canvas back to the frame, by flipping it, so the canvas was now glued to the rear of the frame. 

Jennifer Maker has a great tutorial on Reverse Canvas Signs, which is how I came across this fabulous inexpensive way to add great wall art to you home. 
 Thank you so much Jennifer. 
 This has been by far my favorite project and I’m already planning doing more.


  •  2 x ( 11 x 14 ) Canvas (w) Frames (I purchased a pack of 7 for $9.99) from Hobby Lobby 
  • Folk Art Antique Medium (Nutmeg) Folk Art Chalk Paint (Sage) 
  • Small – Medium Sponge Paint Brush 
  • Dry Cloth (old T-shirt material is great) 
  • SVG’s: Cricut Access (Design Space) 
  • Fonts From 
  • Cricut Maker
  •  Hot Glue Gun and Glue 

Coffee SVG is from Cricut Access/Design Space 
Laundry SVG I created using clothes pegs and flourish from Cricut Access 
Fonts I downloaded from

Mistakes I made:
I probably should have pulled out the staples, but ended up hot gluing some foam rectangles 
onto the corners at the rear of the frame to avoid scratching the walls.
And i wasn't happy with the lighter chalk color, dark worked so much better.