Wednesday, June 12, 2019

Not Craft Related At All - Bowling

So As my "About Me" page mentions,
 I'm a League Ten Pin Bowler 
and I also work in a Bowling Pro Shop, which can be fun :)

In the last 2 times bowling league I have shot really well
4 Games for 872 Series - Avg 218 per Game
and 3 Games for 710 Series - Avg 236 per Game

I've been bowling mid 600's Series a lot for 3 games
  so the bowling has been great lately.

For bowling sleuths on equipment and conditions:
I'm throwing the Hammer Gauntlet weighing Approx: 14lb/4oz.
The shot is:  League House Pattern on Fire and Ice Oil by Kegel.
R/H - Fingertip - No Weight Hole.

Mentally this is always a good boost, especially with the 
USBC Nationals Tournament In July at Syracuse NY
coming up..

Happy Crafting  
or Bowling :)

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