Thursday, September 19, 2019

Thanksgiving Wreath

I just wanted to share this image of the first wreath, Iever made..
I used MayMay's Wreath Video Tutorial and it seriously was the best and easiest wreath tutorial to follow.
Her youtube channel is filled with so many ideas, creative classes, and so on.. So Subscribe you won't regret it..
She also hosts an live after show with her husband Vinnie and shows all her viewers the great gifts, thank you's, cards and also new products in her store that will be available... I love me some MayMay...

I think I filled it enough, but my scissors had a rought time cutting the filler ribbon, so it keeps shredding lol...
I do love the look of the wreath and just keep triming bits , oh well its seasonal ... right?

MayMay's Wreath Tutorial "Above"

My Wreath "Below"

Check Out MayMay's Links Below

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